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Here is another look at the "Rendezvous"
We come down to the panhandle every spring for some great sailing. In the past it was for the nationals and because of it we keep coming back. Sad more didn't make Pirates Cove - A great beach bar! The wooden boat festival was good with lots of local color. We anchored in the swim beach and helped "Yo" anchor. After a great bushwacker, burger and onion rings we were treated to an exceptional performace by the "Moonshine Babies." Off to Little Sabine Sunday.Monday morning.


The sail, on Monday, to Juana's was excellent with the return trip a nice screacher run. We left Junas a half hour before the Wetas, and they caught up to us by the time we reached the Pensacola Beach Bridge. We were cruising around 13 knts and the lead Weta passes us - These boats are fast.


We took a cab to Schurr Sails Monday night for drinks and appetizers. Thank you Hunter! We got a ride back with the crew from Mira and went to dinner with them. Great people! The best part of this event are the people.


With the event behind us we set out for. Ft. McCrea for an overnight stay. The next day we enjoyed a nice sail to the Palafox Marina . Showers, dinner and exceptional hospitality from the dock master made a good ending to the day.


The following day we headed east for dinner and overnight stay in Navarre (Juanas again).Breakfast Monday morning at the Sailors Grill with sticky buns to go. Another nice screacher run to Ft. Walton. Now for some sailing in Ft.Walton. We have some friends coming in for the next week. The wind gods have been good to us a10-15knts out of the south has made the sailing great.


We plan to be here for another 2 weeks. In someone's words come early-stay late. Bert thank you for your efforts.  Marty Mitchell


2011 Margaritaville Entrants as of 4.21.2011


1. C. Sears - Race F 27

2. M. Mitchell - Rendezvous

3. R. Stephens - Race Weta

4. J. Chambers - Race Corsair 24 MR

5. D. Dykman - Race Corsair 31 R

6. T. Schaette - Race Corsair 28 R

7. B. Arthur - Race Weta

8. E. Barger - Race F 27

9. W. Jablonowski - Race F 31 R

10. R. LaPenotiere - Race Corsair 28 R

11. D. Wigston - Race Corsair Dash 750

12. R. Smyth -  Race F 25 C

13. G. Spesard - Race F 31 AC

14. T. Reese - Race C 28 R

15. J. Rome - Race Corsair Dash 750

16. C Ramsey - Race F 27

17. L. Kirkpatrick - Rendezvous Sprint 750

18. B. Turner - Race Corsair 28 R

19. E. Magnuson - Race Weta

20. J. Achim - Race F 27

21. D. Carl - Rendezvous Telstar 28

22. C. Farrah - Race Corsair Sprint 750

23. B. Hodges - Race Corsair Sprint 750

24. C. Ashley - Race Weta

25. B. Still - Race Weta

26. D. Hitchcock - Race Weta

27. D. Kleinman - Race Weta

28. L. Shaw - Race F 82 C

29. H. Alber - Race C 31 R



Smyth Sails YO! to Victory from 2007 Bert Rice, Regatta Chairman


Pensacola Yacht Club – Thirty teams from twelve states and Canada set sail on Pensacola Bay, April 22 – 27, for the thirteenth Corsair Trimaran Nationals, and Randy Smyth stepped back aboard YO! to claim the Ian Farrier Perpetual Trophy.


On Monday evening, April 23, we gathered at the Quietwater Boardwalk Shell for live music from Clark and Company, a great Mexican feast hosted by Cabo’s Mexican Grill, and the Skippers’ Meeting.  After the brief meeting we dined and enjoyed special prices on Bushwackers at Bamboo Willies while the sun slipped below the horizon of Pensacola Bay.


Tuesday, Day One; three buoy races with windward leeward courses, 1.25 – 1.5 miles in length were sailed without a course change in ten – twelve knots.  Randy took command of PHRF A, Steve Marsh kept his Key West Race Week rolling and led the 28R’s.  Glenn Howell did some sea battle with Wayne Jablonowski on his newly acquired C 31, Phoenix and managed a slim lead at the end of the day.  In PHRF B, Don Wigston, last year’s Ian Farrier Champion, kept his streak going with one of the new Sprint 750’s made in Viet Nam.


Wednesday, Day Two; the Race Committee sent the fleet out to Pensacola Sea Buoy on a twenty – six mile long adventure in light air and strong current.  For many boats, there were just too many marks.  The term, RAF, became popular when skippers realized they had failed to round one of the shoal marks.  We have already engineered a solution for the next regatta.  This race is featured on, and I guarantee you will enjoy watching Randy sail YO! through the fleet so quickly.  We gathered at Hemingway’s Grill on Pensacola Beach that evening for dining and camaraderie.  The large crowd appeared in no hurry to leave the fine setting and their friends, even long after the sun had gone down.


Thursday, Day Three;  Due to an incoming squall line which threatened us with hail, strong winds, and lightning, the Race Committee stood down and eventually canceled racing for the day due to the lingering advance.  Sometimes we just can not “take the weather with us.”  Pensacola Yacht Club hosted our annual “Shipwreck” Banquet, and we enjoyed not only the fine dining, but West Marine made sure we could offer plenty of top - shelf doorprizes.  The hospitality had a slight lead over the racing at bedtime.  The Kattack presentation of the Sea Buoy Race on our big screen TV by the bar did keep some crews up later than others though.


Friday, the Final Day;  The six knot nor’wester for race one back - slipped into a “Ya Hoo, Daddy” sou’wester at 210 degrees and eighteen knots for the final three races in the series.  With only two starts the racing became down right close at the marks.  The Blue group of C 24’s, Sprint 750’s, and C 28 R’s pulled the trigger first, then the Yellow group of F 25 C’s, C 31’s, F 27’s, and C 28’s launched five minutes later.  By the time we reached the gate at the end of leg two (four more legs remaining) everybody was ducking and dodging and even flying hulls over competitors.  Cliff Farrah, driving his Corsair 28 R, Strategery 3 became comfortable in these conditions and claimed his first win in the series.  The Great Spirit was with us, and after four races, we were able to return to the harbor for awards without serious damage or physical injury. 


The Harken Bullet Awards appeared two days ago.  I had hidden them from myself the week before the event, but I did find them.  These will be awarded to skippers winning class races by “Design.”  This method will allow more sailors to be recognized for winning a race with their Class Design.  Our Harken “Bullet Skippers” include Randy Smyth, YO! – F 25 C,  Don Wigston, Sprint 750, Glenn Howell, Adios – C 31, Wayne Jablonowski, Phoenix – C 31, Steve Marsh, Dealer’s Choice – C 28 R, Bob Harkrider, Bad Boys – C 28 R, Linda Wright, Katrina Remix – C 28 CC, Bruce Kuerten, Farfalla – C 24, Jim Chambers, Snowfox - C 24, and John Achim, Tri N Catch Me – F 27.  These will be shipped or delivered soon.  For Class and the Ian Farrier Fleet Awards see the results page.


No regatta would be possible without a corps of devoted professionals to handle the on – the – water tasks or on – land hospitality.  Fairlie Brinkley served as PRO again this year with support from Chip MacMillan aboard Maxine, Steve Solice, Pin Set, and Bernie Knight, Mark Set.  Betsy Moraski, our yacht club Race Chairman put together a fine staff and made sure the race committee enjoyed bountiful lunches.  Larry and Mil Shannon provided Ennis for the press and safety.  Ann Owczarczak and Millie Cascone served as our registration - daily check – in and greeting staff.  Our General Manager, Stephen Suchy was always on hand to assist our guests, especially on Thursday when the lunch crowd slammed the staff.  The food was great, but I am sure everyone would “have rather been sailing.”


William Paden served as our Protest/Jury Chairman and provided us with the red and green "channel markers" for the start and finish lines.  Charles Harp and Mark Smith assisted William with "room decor."  Maryanne Hayes, Fleet Captain for Navy Yacht Club - Pensacola, was our scoring officer. 


The REAL new feature for this event was brought to us by Paul Horton, C31 – Tribology, who master - minded the Kattack Program.  Paul spent many, many hours bringing us the “new age” in sailing and racing.  In fact, he was moving his home from LA to Austin, TX the week prior to the event.  How he managed to accomplish such multi – tasking is a mystery to me.  Watch out for new evolutions and upgrades coming soon to a computer screen or TV monitor this year.


Our sponsors make it all happen.  Corsair Marine covered the yacht club sponsorship and offered funding for the Kattack display without hesitation.  Paul Koch is on the owners’ side of sailing.  For quick links  to our other fine sponsors and supporters just ping the page.


Well, I am out of babble for now.  I wish to thank all who have sent their notes of thanks.  Please send in some sea story from individual boats so we can re – live some of the exciting personal adventures and moments.  Send us some color.  Have a delightful and safe sailing season.  Happy Trails to You, until we meet again. 












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